About Me

As the oldest daughter in a family with only girls, I tend find it hard to be be girly in my everyday life. I would like to style my hair, put make up on, and wear nice clothes. But, life just gets in the way sometimes.

After my first marriage dissolved, I met my husband at a single adult conference. After an up and down relationship, a 3 year hiatus, a move across the country, and a university degree finished, we found our love renewed and were married soon after we rekindled.

As a West Coast girl from the United States, I have found myself a bit misplaced now living in Ontario, Canada. It has been a learning experience full of happiness, depression, and struggles of all kinds. However, I would not trade anything for what I have.

I do not like laundry, menu planning, or cleaning out the litter box. I do love vacuuming, learning, and baking up a storm. I really enjoy being in a gym, listening to music, and working out to clear my head. However, I have been finding it hard to get to the gym as of late. I am always looking for something new to learn and somewhere new to explore, although I have not gone anywhere off of mainland North America. I am a big believer that everyone has a story and it should be shared.

Our world, physical and emotional, is here for us to discover and we are able to share the experiences with others around us. Welcome to my crazy world, hold on, and fasten your seat belt. It is going to be a fast, bumpy ride!


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