Love a Good Auction

What do you get when you have lots of donated stuff, people, and auctioneers? You get what is called, The Donnybrook. Located in Warkworth, Ontario, it is held on the third Saturday in June at the Warkworth Arena, this huge auction sees up to 12 auctioneers, simultaneously auctioning donated goods to Warkworth Community Service Club. This annual event has now been operating over 50 years.

Auction Floor

Before coming in to the arena, where all the action happens, there are two barns that contain merchandise that might be of interest that opens at 5 o’clock in the evening. One has clothing and books, the other has toys and videos. These two barns are the reason we, as a family, get to the location an hour early.

I normally don’t look at clothes, I usually go straight for the books. This year, I went for the clothes since my favourite pair of jeans just ripped {tear runs down my cheek}. I was able to fill a whole garbage bag that only cost me $7. What did I find, you might ask. My two guys got some new (to them) shirts, as well as 4 pairs of jeans and a rain jacket for me! Score!
Now, we finished our pre-auction shopping about 5:30 and the main event didn’t start until 7 o’clock! Thank goodness they have a BBQ going (to get your auction nutrition taken care of) and some large items for viewing out back (ie: lawnmowers, patio furniture, doors/windows, etc).

We were able to meet up with some friends that had also made their way to the auction, but we were on a mission to find the shortest line to get inside quickly without getting trampled! We continued on to found our perfect spot to stand to wait to get in. The anticipation got intense as the time got closer.

You may ask, “Why was it so intense?” Because you only get a half hour to search through tons of junk treasures in a huge arena. This is the time that you have to plan out your locations of where you want to be to try to win those treasures that you hope is there! Going up and down the rows, trying not to hit too many people with your purse, as you try to find those things that you can’t live without!

In years past, I have had very specific items I was looking for, like a bike for my son 3 years ago. This year, however, I didn’t have any items in mind, but I was not being close minded to things that I might be able to use. As I start looking through the furniture, I see many items that I could re-purpose. Then I remember that I have plenty at home to re-purpose that I do not need one more!

Off I go to the tables of junk hidden treasures! There is telephone and computer part galore! Pots and pans, dishes, and cutlery too! First thing I saw that I might want was a Jack Lalane Pro-Juicer. Maybe I could get the hubby to go for that one! I found some knick-knack stuff that might be fun to have, but decided that since I didn’t need them, they would have to find a new home somewhere else. Then, I found half of an AeroGarden. {Do I dare try, but where is the rest of it?} There is some canning supplies that catch my attention. Okay, I have to keep that spot in mind! As I continued on, I found a barometer! {Make mental note!} I wondered, then, if I could find a pressure cooker. I found TWO!! And I found one next to more canning supplies! Sweet!

It is 7 o’clock! Time to get in place. I had to hurry from table to table that I had made mental note of to see where the auctioneers were starting. See, there are 12, yes I said TWELVE, auctioneers going all at the same time! They get a table, start at one end, move down the table, and if you are not there when they get to the item you had staked out, you are out of luck!
I went back to the pressure cooker and canning supplies (the two for one spot). As I am watching the auctioneer move down the table, I start chatting with those around me that might be staking out something they want. They got to the canning pot, which I raise my hand for. Bidding started at $1, and I was able to buy it for a whole $4!! When I get it, I find that it is a canning set! AWESOME! Now to get the pressure cooker! Score, $1! I moved on! I ended up getting the AeroGarden and barometer that I had staked out! And I only spent a total of $10!! AWESOME!!

As auctions go, this is the most intense, awesome, exciting one I have ever gone to! I love it! You never know what junk treasures you will find, but, if only for the atmosphere, is a great place to go! Can’t wait for next year!

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